Therapy for highly sensitive people, identity exploration, and trauma recovery

Have you been told you are too sensitive?

Do you ever feel like you are not enough?

Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted?

Are you feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward?

Do you judge yourself after making a mistake?

Work with Me

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, I’m here to help.

It’s okay to not be okay. Sometimes you are not okay and instead of being hard on yourself, it's important to turn toward yourself and ask what you need. Rather than dismiss or invalidate yourself and your difficulties, it's essential to recognize and acknowledge your challenges.

I will support you to identify your strengths, explore your values, and nurture acceptance and self-love for who you are.

I will help you learn how to manage conflict, identify your strengths as a couple, develop tools for better and improved communication, and feel seen and heard by one another.

I provide comprehensive, culturally responsive immigration evaluations in English, Spanish, and other languages with an interpreter.

I provide tailored workshops and presentations on anti-oppression work, self-compassion, and immigration policy to students and professionals.

We all suffer to varying degrees about different things but you are not alone. Suffering is part of our common human experience. How can you be kind and compassionate towards yourself?

I offer a warm, affirming, and collaborative setting where your whole self is welcome and is met with empathy and understanding. My role is to collaborate with you and I’m here to provide a supportive and non-judgmental space. During our sessions, you’ll discover a safe environment to explore your suffering, identify your strengths and values, develop coping strategies, reduce self-criticism, and embrace your authentic self.

As a licensed psychologist, I take a relational and multicultural feminist approach to therapy. I integrate multiple therapeutic techniques including interpersonal process therapy, ACT, CBT, DBT, and mindfulness. My approach is tailored to meet your specific needs, encompassing your identities, cultural background, and life experiences. I will meet you where you are at. My goal is for you to be heard and to make sure that we are working toward your goals and honoring your values and cultural traditions.

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