Couples Therapy

Is Couples Therapy for You?

Do you want to improve communication in your relationship(s)?

Do you want to feel seen and heard in your relationship?

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship(s)?

Are you unsure of how to move forward?

What We Do In Couples Therapy

Relationship conflict is normal and differences of opinion are inevitable. However, unhealthy conflict can result in feelings of distance, disconnection, and unhappiness. In couples therapy, we'll delve into the roots of your conflicts, uncovering underlying themes and beliefs. We'll also explore how your individual backgrounds and identities contribute to both strengths and challenges within the relationship. You'll acquire conflict management skills, strategies for repair and reconnection, and tools for improved communication. I will facilitate your discovery of the strengths within your partnership while fostering a sense of being seen and heard by one another.

Multicultural & Interracial Relationships

Being in a multicultural relationship can be wonderful – you both can learn about different perspectives and views on the world, new traditions and celebrations, different forms of communication and so on, but it can also present its own unique challenges. As a person in a multicultural relationship myself, I understand the strengths and challenges of navigating the complexities of coming from different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

You and your partner deserve a safe and inclusive space to explore your relationship dynamics, cultural differences, and shared goals. My approach to therapy for multicultural couples is rooted in cultural sensitivity, humility, and respect. I recognize that cultural, racial, and ethnic differences can impact communication styles, expectations, and conflict resolution strategies within a relationship and I’ll work collaboratively with you to explore these dynamics, foster understanding, and promote healthy dialogue.

Together, we can navigate the intricacies of your multicultural relationship and help you thrive

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